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Hi, I am Kavita Diwakar, an “Academic content writer” and also a “English Trainer” by profession. I am an English orator with excellent communication skills. With my deep interest and passion in English, I am an expertise in English speaking and I readily deliver my immense knowledge in this domain to the students in need, hereby involving myself by teaching English speaking

I am involved in teaching English speaking for the last 10+ years. By assisting several students in their English speaking practice sessions, I have gathered colossal amount of understanding with respect to student’s struggles and difficulties they come across while learning this language.

All those English learning aspirants who wish to know me or my teaching methods, you can find my English interactive videos below - 

Myself working as an experienced teacher, I make sure that my students procure a friendly environment while enhancing their spoken English. I have already been working as a private English coach for Mumbai based students.

In order to provide a helping hand to students across India, I have become a part of an online English learning platform called “Zesling”.


These video are also publicly available on “Zesling’s” Youtube channel. You can spare a moment and checkout all of them for detailed analysis by visiting Youtube through the link: Zesling One on One English Classes

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