About Us

“Zesling” is an excellent online ‘One on One English Speaking platform’ which connects students with teachers all over India through a simple mobile click. I am thankful to get an opportunity to be a part of this platform wherein I am able to teach students from different states. This platform effectively works according to students needs and it is very well sequenced into three categories offering courses to beginners, intermediate and advanced English learners.

Employed as a teacher on ‘Zesling’, all that have experienced so far is a pleasant, friendly and cooperative environment. ‘Zesling’ provides genuine attention to each and every student at a personal level and keeps a record of their progress as well. Students are incited to learn more as ‘Zesling’ ensures to provide an encouraging aura for each learner. I am extremely grateful to ‘Zesling’ and their entire team, initiating such a budget friendly platform for students. Their overall course charges are very affordable by almost everyone.

By investing all my experiences and efforts here on ‘Zesling’, I welcome all my students who wish to learn English from me at a personal level. Success is guaranteed for all those who are willing to incorporate changes in their life with regular speaking practice. Let’s connect with each other and grow together on ‘Zesling’.